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Rug binding provided by Carpet Masters | Saint Joseph, MO

Rug Binding

Rug binding service will extend carpet life

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and that holds true with your area rugs. Over the course of its life span in your home, your once stunning area rug is probably looking a bit beat up. Tons of foot traffic and everyday wear and tear takes a toll on rugs. Over time, your only options are to buy a new rug or repair the frayed edges of your current area rug -- and that's where Carpet Masters can help. We offer expert rug binding services to residents in St. Joseph, Cameron, Savannah and Atchison, MO. Buying a new area rug might not fit into your current budget, so it is definitely worth checking out our rug binding service.

Here are a few things you should know about rug binding at Carpet Masters

  • Rug binding is a procedure exactly where a strip of cotton fiber or artificial fibers is connected to the bottom side of a rug along the edges
  • Rug binding can quickly be completed to the majority of area rugs and rug fibers.
  • Rug binding works well no matter how long you've owned the area rug or how much harm has been done to it.
  • Rug binding strengthens the sides of the area rug along the edges. This helps with future fraying.
  • Rug binding can be done on rugs - even if they aren't that old.
  • Rug binding extends an area rug's life and keeps your decor intact. A bonus of rug binding is that your initial investment will hold its value and beauty for years to come.

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Carpet Masters is the No. 1 destination in Joseph, Savannah, Cameron and Atchison, Missouri for rug binding services. Our reputation for this service is above any of our competitors - simply put, no one can bind a rug and keep its integrity the way the professionals at Carpet Masters can. We also carry a variety of other flooring products so if you are in the market for vinyl, laminate, carpet, ceramic tile, hardwood, or carpet, we are the place to come.

For more information about our rug binding service, contact us. If you are in our neighborhood check us out at our showroom in St. Joseph.

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